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Choose date, time, difficulty level and enjoy one of the most exciting adventures of your life =) .

You will only pay a deposit of 20 euros online. The rest is paid after the activity.

Paypal, Card, and Bank Transfer accepted.

Know our protocol about the Covid-19 (read below)

octubre 2023

If you have any questions, please email

Covid-19 Measurements

  • We carry out cleaning, ventilation and disinfection of our facilities and game elements before and after each team.
  • We supply hydroalcoholic gel to all the users of our spaces.
  • We require the mandatory use of masks within our facilities, following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.
  • We offer disinfection of shoes and hands upon arrival (and as many times as necessary during the stay)
  • We establish the mandatory use of hydroalcoholic gel at the entrance and exit of our facilities, including the game rooms.
  • The use of the bathroom is prohibited except in cases of extreme necessity, as recommended by the health authorities.
  • We have reorganized schedules and sessions to avoid contact with other people. No group will cross paths with another.
  • We establish the preferential use of electronic payment means. In case of cash payments, please have the exact amount ready to minimize contacts.
  • We have preventively modified certain aspects within the games, in order to comply with sanitary guidelines regarding hygiene.
  • We have made the management of reservations and postponements more flexible in case of symptoms compatible with COVID-19. Please contact us before coming.
  • We offer all the information on our website, in the confirmation email, RRSS and in our posters about the new measures.

So, in short: What do we have to do?

BOOK ONLINE as usual, in our booking calendar.


a) Come with your individual masks (remember they are mandatory)

b) Be punctual. It has always been a fundamental requirement in the agency, but now we have, in addition, health reasons to urge you to do so.

→ We will NOT be able to allow you access to the facilities BEFORE your appointment (we will be doing ventilation/disinfection work prior to your arrival).

NO podremos permitiros el acceso a las intalaciones DESPUÉS de la hora de vuestra cita (estaríamos poniendo el riesgo el resto del calendario de la jornada, de obligado cumplimiento para poder desarrollar este protocolo con total seguridad)

→ We will NOT be able to allow you access to the facilities AFTER the time of your appointment (we would be putting at risk the rest of the day’s schedule, which must be complied with in order to develop this protocol with total security)

THANK YOU for trusting our agency, we look forward to seeing you again.